Mini white dress makeup in 3 steps

Style file: Mini white dress makeup in 3 steps

The color of summer is of course white! We think it’s a great idea to decorate your tanned skin and lightened hair color with a white dress after your vacation. If you agree with us, follow our steps!

First step:

You won’t need to contour and mattify for this look. Only

BB or CC cream

application will suffice. A light and fresh look cannot complement a white dress better than a light and fresh look. However, we do not want a pale and lifeless appearance. So apply a small amount of bronze blush on your forehead, cheekbones and neck. Distribute carefully. Apply a creamy and coral-toned blush to your cheeks. For a brighter look, you can apply a small amount of highlighter to your forehead, cheekbones, and nosebone if you wish.

Second step:

in your eyes

natural tones

you should prefer. Light pink or peach matte eyeshadow is an ideal choice. Then apply a sparkling champagne eyeshadow around the rim of the eyes. Make your eyes look brighter by going over the upper and lower eyelashes with the same headlight. Finally, curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

Third step:

For the lipstick to be more permanent, first apply a clear lip liner to your lips. Then apply a fuchsia or coral lipstick of your choice. Both will go great with your white dress. For a matte look, you can get help from white eyeshadow.

Tip : After applying the lipstick, gently grasp a napkin with your lips. This will take away the annoying excess of lipstick.

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