The Development Of 21. Week Pregnancy/ Baby’s 19. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

The Development Of 21. Week Pregnancy/ Baby’s 19. Week

We know that you are spending your all time to research about pregnancy. İt is not special for his week, if you wonder the things about 21th week, we explain this for you. Keep reading.21 week is the 5 months of pregnancy.

Baby Status and Baby Development at 21. Week

Let’s begin with your baby’s sizes. İts height from head to butt is 18 cm and its weight is 300 gr. İt is just like a banana. Baby can taste the food. It likes what you eat. Cause the amniotic fluid is changing day to day according what you ate. The hands and the feet are completed they are standing in a true position. Neurons are connecting with a brain and bones are getting strong.

It’s Baby Shower Time

We suggest you to do need list and set a baby shower. Many friends give your baby gifts. It is a good way to be in together with your friend. There are so many organisation firm who makes baby shower for pregnant women. You can choose this way.

Do You Need Support At Pregnancy or Birth?

You can hear many stories about pregnancy and birth from your environment, we know. Many people say it is so hard many says it is easy. Getting psychological support is the best way to preparing yourself to birth. You can go to the course and you can learn what will happens in birth.

Baby Movements At 21. Week of Pregnancy

You can feel the baby’s movements until the 20. Week of pregnancy. This movements are so enjoyable and relaxed for many pregnant women. You can feel its punch, kicks and hiccups from 20-21. Weeks. It is also normal to feel one day your baby and the other they don’t. Do not worry about it. Fetuse’s movement will be regularly after the 28th week

Changes On Mother at 21. Week

Your womb size is 21 cm right now. You can learn your womb size at your examination. Other parts of body are still developing. You can see your feet and ankles are swelling. If you rest, the swellings will go down. You must gain weight 4.5-6.3 at this week, this rank is normal.  Your varicosis can be badly end of the this week. Gain weight slowly and under control, you can get information from your doctor.

The Complaints About Pregnancy at 21. Week

Vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge is seeing at many pregnant women. İt smells nothing mostly and it is white colour. The hormones cause this and it is not dangerous. If this stream’s colour green or yellow and smells bad, you’ll have vaginal infection. You should go to doctor at this time.

Shortness of breath: Your lunges are getting bigger. Your lunge gets %40 more air in and it feels you to shortness of breath. Do not worry but share this situation with your doctor.

Heartburn: Digestive system can work slowlier cause of the hormones. So you can live heartburn or constipation. 

Urine İnfection: At the pregnancy urination is slow, that’s why you can live the urine infection. Bleeding, burning and some bad things like that if happens, you must to go doctor.

Abdominal Pain: You can feel the pain your lower belly. You’re your skin and muscles are distending. It gives you abdominal pain. Many women live this and these pains are not dangerous. 

Feet swelling: Feet swelling is a common situation which is seeing at pregnancy. It is not only places to swelling at the pregnancy. Do exercise and get some rest. 

Nutrition At 21. Week of Pregnancy

Craving is common but many women live this, many of not. If the thing that you craving has a low calorie, you can eat this. But if you craving the thing which includes extreme sugar, you must avoid this. You can prefer cheese or fresh fruit. 

The Things That Women Craving

%33 of women are craving chocolate

%20 of women are craving dessert

%19 are craving orange and citrus

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