The Pregnancy Begins, Baby is On The Way (1 and 2. Weeks)
Pregnancy Week by Week

The Pregnancy Begins, Baby is On The Way (1 and 2. Weeks)

What happened on 1. and 2. weeks of pregnancy? Is there a baby or not? How can I calculate my pregnancy week? What are the symptoms? Many answers are here, start to reading.

There is no baby 1. or 2. week yet. But the body is in preparation for spawning. The inner wall of the uterus gets thick. It is slowly prepared for the arrival of the fertilized egg and it prepare. Well, if I am not pregnant why we call pregnancy is it? İf you asking this; It is difficult to tell when fertilization took place. For this reason, doctors are based on the last menstrual period when calculating pregnancy.

Calculation of Pregnancy Week

Calculation of the first week of pregnancy is a bit complicated. The reason for this is the fact that it is not pregnant before the middle of the first month, that is, before completing the first 2 weeks. Pregnancy becoming mostly the last days of 2. week. Before this body is going to prepare itself to pregnancy. We know it is really strange, but your pregnancy week based on your last period. During pregnancy calculation, the beginning of the last menstrual bleeding is taken as a reference. Then we calculating 40 weeks after your period.

This means that they accept menstrual bleeding as part of pregnancy, even though the baby is not yet in the womb. Bu in the medicine, pregnancy becomes after 2 weeks of your menstrual bleeding. And surely it means that you are 2 weeks on according to your baby and pregnancy. So when you are on 3. week, it means your baby is going to on first week.

Pregnancy Periods

The pregnancy week: It begins on the first day of the last menstrual period, which occurred 2 weeks before the pregnancy. The average of pregnancy is 40 weeks.

Ovulation Week: This week is a week that you get pregnant.  We can call it ‘fertilization week’.

Trimester week: There are 3 part trimester of a pregnancy. Each 3 months called as trimester.

Calendar: A pregnancy lasts an average of 10 calendar months.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

The most common symptoms are here.

Missed period.


Super sensitivity to fruits or meals.

Tiring, numbness


Metallic taste of mouth.

Some changes on breasts

Sensitivity of pelvic zone


The first thing you will notice or how many of these symptoms will change between these symptoms is variable. The symptoms experienced and the symptoms during pregnancy vary according to each woman. However, when the expected menstrual period does not begin, this is the most prominent symptom of early pregnancy.

When I Should Go to Doctor?

There is a need to get a good service and follow up for you and your baby. If you are suspect that you are pregnant, you must take n appointment of your doctor. This can be nearest time after your missed period. You should inform your doctor if you’re using some kind of contraception. No method is 100% effective. Sometimes a birth control drugs does not effect and you may get pregnant.

You should give the drugs up if you are sure that you are pregnant. You must take an appointment of your doctor as soon as possible. There can be a pregnancy while using spiral.

Nutrition at Pregnancy


If you are in normal weight before pregnancy, you should increase your calorie intake during pregnancy. During the first trimester (first 13 weeks) you should take an average total of 2.200 calories per day. In the second and third trimesters, you will probably need more than 300 calories each day.

Extra 300 calories does not means that you must eat bigger portions! An apple and a bowl yoghurt are 300 calories. The most important person who can give a diet list is surely your doctor.

Extra calories give you and your growing baby the energy you need. It consumes energy to produce and store the baby’s protein, fat, carbohydrates. For example, your uterus is growing and your blood level increases by about 50%. That means you need more energy than normal.

İt is also important that meal calories quality. You should stay away from packed, fatty and extreme sugar foods. You must eat balanced and neutral foods. 

Stomach Compliments

One of the best ways to deal with pregnancy complaints such as bloating, nausea, heartburn, constipation and gas is to change the diet. İt is going to be very effective to separate your 3 meal to 6 little portion. This method will deal with the complaints which brought by pregnancy while at the same time will keep the blood glucose level to a certain level will be higher. You must meet the vitamins and minerals like C, folic acid, potassium and zinc or iron.

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