Welcome to Pregnancy Week from Another Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

Welcome to Pregnancy Week from Another Week

Congrulations, you are in the most excited and miracle chapter of your life.Probably you feel like a pregnant right now. You are going to see some difference on your body when weeks are pass. Start to read if you wonder what is going to happen!

You have totally 40 weeks beyond you that you can see how your baby grows! We know that this section how important and prescious for you. So we created this chapter for you for understanding easily and get pleasure. We want from you to meet a new word ‘trimester’ because doing a follow up about healthy pregnancy and probably you will mostly heard this word.

What İs The Meaning of Trimester?

Trimester is the each -3 months part- of the 9 months pregnancy. Pregnancy seperates 3 parts. First 3 monts are first trimester, 4,5 and 6. months are 2. Primester and last 3 months are final trimester. So, pregnancy has a 3 break points and they are very important. 

  1. Trimester Part (First 3 months) : İt is a period that you try to feel pregnant and it is a period that you can try to deal with early pregnancy symptoms. Your baby’s organs are starting to complete. 
  2. Second trimester (4-5-6 month): we can express this period is a honeymoon of pregnancy. You are deal with pregnancy in this period and your compliment about symptoms are decreasing. Baby is growing up with an amazing fast. This is the most smoothly period of pregnancy.
  3. Third Trimester (7-8-9): This is the last period of pregnancy. Pregnancy and pregnancy worries are begin in this period and baby is completed. İn this period, your baby is not a bean, and he/she prepared his/herself for comes to world.

You are going to see most important evidents trimester passages, but it is important that which week you re in. İn the pregnancy weeks, you can see some difference on you or baby, we express this difference on these contents.

How Can I Trust What I Read?

There are something to say before begin. Our gynecologists are here to help us prepare this section.

Dr Öztürk Karabey

Dr. Tijen Alkan

Dr Fatma Nur Beştay

Although our articles on our week-week pregnancy series have been approved by specialist physicians and confirmed by reliable sources, we recommend that you always talk to your own doctor about their health problems and concerns.

Not sit down and enjoy your pregnancy. The most important and and excited journey of your life is begin.

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