What is the Travazol Cream? Where İt Uses?
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What is the Travazol Cream? Where İt Uses?

Travazol cream is the drug which is sold in mostly pharmacy and which is mostly using for fungal disease treatment with absorbing by skin. Also it has healing effect on some bacterial infections on the skin, allergic situations, eczema and kinds of inflammations.

İt resolves the problems of your body becoming whole situations, like itching, pain, burn sensations. İt is also most effective cream which is using to solve for kinds of rash at babies and adults. After 1 hour from applied, it completely absorbes by skin and it starts to treatment. İt has to determined on daily basis, according to your doctors suggestion. İt is definetely possible that getting a result if you use this regularly at 2 weeks.

What is The Travazol Cream?

Travazol cream are using for the eczema and heavy infection treatment. İt has solding as a 15 grm tubes. İt includes 10 mg isoconolazole nitrate and 1 mg diflucortorate valerate. These matters are effective for bacteries and viruses. 

İt musnt’t uses if doctor does not suggest it. Cause if you have allergy to active indregient of drug, you will have extra allergic reaction on your sickness. Travazol cream is good for bacteria and viruses and it interrupts them to increase. But it is not good for herpes. And it is inconvenient that to use this drug for sickness like pox and measles.

Where it Uses?

İt has a huge usage area. I want to share with you how you use it, where Travazol cream use, and what is the cream benefits. 

Travazol Rash Cream

People know this medicine is so effective on rash treatment. The zone that you apply this medicine on your body, has to get air, keep it open. İt will flies when it touches to the air, skin absorbes it. You must avoid to wear tightly when you apply it. İt is also a better choise to prefer cotton clothes beacuse with this,  air circulation İt is simple. The clothes should be cleaned after apply it. 

You mus not use creams which are include alcohol, shower gel, shampoo and something else because of it makes irritation. Otherwise, it takes more time to heal. You can hurt worse and it pains. For babies you can use the cloths which tight easily.

Travazol Cream Vagina İtching Treatment

Many women wonder that is this products applied in vagina. The product which are so effective has many benefit for itching and fungal treatment. People know that many doctors suggest this medicine. Travazol cream conditions very big role for treatment of rashes and fungal cells. You must clean the zone up every day and night, changing underwear every day is important. You must boil your clothes when you are clean your clothes. After the cleaning you must use this drug. İt can use with trustly for interrupting the rashes of the zone.

Do I Aplly To My Face İt?

İt uses eczema, infection, irritation and tiggling. This is so effective for skin problems.

Face Stains

Travazol cream has a good effect on face stains and it makes skin fresh thats why many people prefer that. İf you use this cream for stains, then your doctor must  give priscription to you.

İs İt Good For Acne?

İt can provides to destroy infected acnes so if you have infected acnes on your face, you can use Travazol cream and it is possible that escape this problem.

İs it Good For Feet Fungal?

İt is quite important thing that being in hygienically situation for interrupt bacteries and fulgal cells. When you have foot fungal you must stop wearing socks, you must wear shoes that it can provides getting air. You must clean your feet everyday and you must drt them out. İt accelarates healing and it interrups feet fungal.

Travazol Cream Usage at Pregnancy

Travazol cream is effective on kinds of organs because it absorving by skin. İt plunge from the body with pee and feces. So, pregnants and who prefer breast feeding must not use it.

How to Apply?

This medicine must be used 2 times in a day with pharmacist or doctors suggestion. İt is too harmful to apply it or taking high doses. You can use this medicine maximum 14 days. Endind this time definetely you must stop to use it.

Yu must use this medicine which zone has problem with providing skin absorbes it. İt is enaough to apply this medicine vagina or pubic superficial. Never use this medicine into the vagina. You must not press to the acne when you apply it, it is enought to use it gently. Travazol rash cream used on babies or adults and you must keep the zone open.

Travazol Creams Side Effects

The patient must be under control if this medicine so effective much. When you see the side effect, you mus not use the medicine and you must call the doctor. The side effects can be:

Hassle to breath, swelling and tiggling, swelling throat or lips and some infections on the skin; it means this medicine has a side effect. 

The comments about this medicine says that is very effective product. Definetely you must use this drug under by under control your doctor. You must examine the prospect.

The Cost Of Travazol Cream

İt is selling by prescription and it cost is the same for whole pharmacies. 

Travazol 15 mg cost 

Actibe ingredient is diflucortolone valerate, + isoconazole 14.40

Prescription: YES

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