Where are Forgotten Items Sold at the Airport?

Where are Forgotten Items Sold at the Airport?  - Turkey
Where are Forgotten Items Sold at the Airport? – Turkey

Items forgotten at the airport begin to be prepared for disposal after waiting in a warehouse for a long time. So where is it sold? Because storing every forgotten item creates a serious need for space after a while, right? So, what happens to items left at the airport? You can start to review our content where you can reach all the details on this subject.

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Items Forgotten at the Airport? All Information About

Since airports are considered to be areas with a lot of human mobility, it is very likely that things will be forgotten, confused or lost here. Contrary to what many people think, the fate of belongings is not garbage, especially at airports, where the loss of valuables is very common. Items forgotten at airports in Turkey by the Baggage Services Directorate is kept in storage.

It is possible to deliver the lost items to the relevant persons if the owners come and retrieve them after it is understood that the items have been lost. However, there are often passengers who do not even realize that they have lost their belongings or do not know where they lost them. In this case, the lost items must be kept in the warehouses of the Baggage Services Directorate for 1 year.

After 1 year is completed, the goods are sold by auction method. The purpose of the tender is both to evaluate the goods and to eliminate the density in the warehouse. With the realization of the sale, the items reach their new owners, and there is room for new lost items in the warehouse.

Where Are Forgotten Items Sold?

Forgotten items are sold to companies in bulk with the tender method. These companies also put them in their own shops at affordable prices and deliver them to their customers. Here’s what you need to do “google map” open it “forgotten item” that you search. Thus, you will reach the closest sales point to your region.

What are the Most Forgotten Items at Airports?

Running to reach the plane at the airport is one of the things that happens to almost everyone. In the meantime, it is not uncommon for items to fall from your hands or disappear unnoticed.

Such negativities happen so often throughout the year that so many items take their place in warehouses to open an electronics store or a clothing store. So, what are the most forgotten items at airports? Let’s take a closer look at the details!

1. Bags and Suitcases

Bags and Suitcases
Bags and Suitcases

Although it is necessary to hand the bags in the luggage before the flights, most passengers want to use their hand luggage right. However, it is also known that people who have a lot of belongings experience losses due to their hand luggage. While collecting all the belongings, there are many people who leave their bags or suitcases somewhere and leave their luggage among the forgotten items at the airport. For this reason, suitcases and bags usually take the first place among lost items.

2. Computer

Computer - Items Forgotten at the Airport
Computer – Items Forgotten at the Airport

We seem to hear you say whether the computer is forgotten too. However, thousands of people leave their computers, one of the most valuable electronic devices, at airports. For this reason, computers are the most striking items in the tenders, which are eagerly awaited by those who want to buy lost items.

3. Glasses

Wholesale Glasses
Glasses Forgotten at the Airport

Glasses are among the most lost items at the airport, due to their size and being an item that can be forgotten quickly. It is known that falling or forgetting are the biggest causes of eyeglasses losses. Every year, thousands of sunglasses and prescription glasses are waiting to be found in warehouses by their owners. Of course, most of these glasses end up in the hands of their new owners.

4. Camera

Camera – Where Are Forgotten Items Sold?

Cameras used to immortalize unforgettable moments during the trip are among the items forgotten at the Airport. Although the loss of cameras with different features and sizes upsets their owners, it opens the door to a very profitable situation for new owners if they are not taken back.

5. Toys

Toys – Wholesale Airport

Most of the toys, which are the biggest entertainment of children, end up getting lost at the airport. Many toys that are dropped due to hastily collected items or that children put away and do not take back, take their place in the Baggage Services Directorate at airports.

While the number of lost or forgotten items is increasing day by day, it is possible to get rid of this bad memory of travel. If you are sure that you forgot your belongings at the airport, Baggage Services DirectorateYou can get your items back by contacting . Unless, of course, 1 year has passed.. We tried to answer the questions about the forgotten items at the airport as much as we could. If there is a topic we missed, let us know. as a comment You can write.

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