Who is the Serbian mafia leader Zeljko Bojanic, who was caught in his villa in Sarıyer?

Who is the Serbian mafia leader Zeljko Bojanic, who was caught in his villa in Sarıyer?

Who is the Serbian mafia leader Zeljko Bojanic, who was caught in his villa in Sarıyer? After the drug smuggling Serbian gang leader Zeljko Bojanic, whom Interpol sought with a red notice, was caught in the villa he stayed in Sarıyer on suspicion of killing Serbian Rosto Mijonovik, the eyes were turned to Kılıçdaroğlu’s statement on drugs, black money and gangs. Journalist Cengiz Erdinç told who Zeljko Bojanic was and said, ‘Gangs are playing horses in Istanbul’

Cengiz Erdinç said, “We will see more such incidents and conflicts within the framework drawn by Kılıçadoğlu as long as the black money is not traced and the black money is not abolished.” Stating that there is traffic of people wanted with a red notice in Turkey, Erdinç said, “The gangs are playing horses in Istanbul .”

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said in a video released on October 31, ” They allowed all kinds of black money to enter the country. In other words, they used their drug money to finance Turkey’s current account deficit . The statement had been spoken for days, and denials came from Soylu, the government and Minister of Interior.

Today, it has been revealed that the corpse of another gang leader, Serbian Rosto Mijonovik, who was allegedly killed by the gang leader was caught in a very luxurious villa in Sariyer, and killed in the garden of the villa.

It was noteworthy that the emergence of these events coincided with Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements about drug barons and black money.

Who is Zeljko Bojanic?

Headlines from Cengiz Erdinç’s explanations:

‘ Extension of mere gangs dealing with cocaine smuggling ‘

Zeljko Bojanic is injured in a murder committed in 2010. It’s also about cocaine smuggling. All these groups were previously in Mikotic a month ago, all of them are actually extensions of Serbian gangs of Serbian clans that manage a significant part of the cocaine smuggling between South America and Europe… So is Bojanic and one of these names.

He was injured in this attack in 2010, and he is being sought in 2014. The Montenegrin federation of investigative journalists has a report on this subject. And possibly fleeing to Turkey in 2014. What these names are accused of is that they are transporting cocaine from South America to Europe on dry cargo ships. In fact, a Swedish study reveals this. In 2014, cocaine was seized in Sweden for 21 million dollars, and this organization does it. After that, he flees to Turkey, while he is being sought with a red notice…

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